Friday, March 6, 2015

Crap, now I've got about 60 problems. 60 parts per million that is! It's nitrates. That's the whole joke. Sorry.

Picked up some water test strips at the LFS and, yep, runaway nitrate problems.  This is the thing that having hydroponics attached is supposed to solve.  about 60ppm nitrates, but pH is good, as is the water buffering capacity and the nitrites and ammonia are at 0.  Still no corpses!

So, the plan for the weekend is to discuss what my partner is comfortable with in terms of hydroponics in our basement, and then try to get it started.
Also, start some seeds ASAP.
Also also do 2 water changes a few days apart, and bring that 60 down to 20 or less.  The math irritates me.  That means two 50% water changes to bring it down to 15, while the fish are still pooping.
DAMN THEM.  I hate 50% water changes.

Ooh!  Brainstorm.  The current plant shelf is right up against the aquarium, between it and the stairs.  I could put that on rollers, and use the space under the stairs as a hydro room.  It could work!!!

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