Monday, June 8, 2015

Let's just be honest

I have not, and may never, do 2 water changes in a single week.  I'm not that good a person.
Things have been crazy with having a kid on the way, and getting the house ready for that.  I'm barely keeping up.

The fish just eat and poop, and get horrible wounds.
This one guy - it was so gross - did something weird - seriously, so gross - and burned or tore open half his face - no shit, super super gross - and so it's got this big white half T like a gross half handlebar mustache of ragged flesh.
Super gross.
And, just after it happened, while some of that flesh that came off was still attached, (guys, its so gross, stop reading), it would kind of spit the skin out, while it was still attached and (stop reading now) suck it back in, chew on it for a bit, and then spit it back out and suck it back in...
The fish are huge now.  10+ inches for about half of them.
I may have posted this photo before.  HUGE.  Water parameters are still stable except for Nitrates (100ppmish).

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