Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Disaster averted!

Not many things are worth reporting, since I don't have to submit for grades.
Just imagine, should you desire it, that every day says "they eat a lot.  They may be bigger.  I can't count 17"
Except Sundays/Mondays - "Changed the water.  It was filthy.  about 30 gallons."
Except Yesterday (I was late on the water change).  I went to change the water and found that it was quite cold.  Sure enough the thermometer had the temp at 70F.  It made matching water temperatures pretty easy.  Unfortunately I did not investigate whether the heaters were plugged in, or if only one was.
Regardless, post water change they both are, and the temperature normalised fast.

In hindsight, they had not been as voracious in the past 24 hours, and there was more food just sitting in the filthy clumps of beard algae. 

That food is still getting stuck makes me think I should reposition the feeder, though it is not super convenient any where else.

Regardless, easily 6 inch alphas, over 5 inch everyone else.

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