Saturday, February 7, 2015

So, time to count the chickens.
Pacu have come in, they look healthy so far, and I'm getting excited about this again.

I'll be able to pick them up once I get back from a trip to the Sustainable Cities conference (London [Ontario.  Don't feel too happy for me]).

So, as soon as I land, I've got to get the tank nice again, which means cleaning a filter that is probably more than 50% blocked by now.  The flow rate was crap when I left, which means it'll be worse when I get back.

But, and somewhat more importantly, I'll take a picture of the tank.

See, the tank is beautiful.  The flow rate is lowish, which means the plants have flourished, snails are climbing the glass, the sand and rocks look great...

There is life everywhere.

Then I will introduce the "Omnivorous Piranha".  The plants will last MAYBE a week, I suspect.  Luckily, that also means the algae will likely be devoured.  The snails?  Can they stand up against a fish whose teeth are made for crushing the shells of nuts?

I am become death, etc etc.

The tricky part is going to be that I'll want to put them in  the tank toute suite, but I've got to remember to weigh them first.

Anyhow, nice to have a positive update.  I hope it is the first of many.

Edit: I can pick them up at the end of the week, and they're still healthy so far (on Monday).

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